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Today I was watching the news and some of the Southern states had gotten 72 inches of rain in the past few days.  Homes and businesses were flooded and everything was in disarray.  Fires, hurricanes, earthquake and other acts of God are not the only unplanned crisis that can happen to a business.  Now days, viruses, network intrusion and human errors are daily occurrence which can lead to costly system downtime and data loss.  They are all bad, and they all underscore the need for your small business to think about backup and disaster recovery (BDR) planning.  The stats from a white paper but research firm IDC noted that in 2015 80 percent of small businesses experienced some kind of downtime.  Depending on the size of the company, every hour of the unplanned downtime costs between, $8000 to $25000.  Also Federal emergency Agency says 40% of small businesses never reopen following a natural disaster.

The Ransomeware attacks have become more prevalent and it has become the biggest dada security threats in recent years.  Your employees innocently open a malicious email and infect the entire network with malware such as Cryptolocker or CryptoWall.  These viruses render the data files unusable unless the victim pays for a key to unlock the infected files. Recently a hospital in southern California had to pay $17000 to unlock their files.

3-2-1 Backup rule- experts recommend that businesses save at least three copies of the their mission critical data.  Having three copies give you a better chance of retaining at least one copy when disaster strikes.  Use at least two different types of storage to house the data.  The chances of having two failures of the same storage type are much better than for two completely different types of storage.  Finally, keep at least one copy of the data in an off-site locations , like the cloud, this ensures you can recover critical data if your office experiences a disaster.

Many small business owners are unaware of just how unprepared they are for a disaster.  There simple yet important questions that every business owner should ask themselves:

  1. a) Do you have an alternative place to operate if your office falls victim to a disaster.
  2. b) How would you get systems back on track if you had a failure?
  3. c) Have you established what is your mission critical data and how long can your business last without it?
  4. d) How costly system downtime is for your business?



CEO offers Free assessment to evaluate your security as well as your backup and disaster recovery.  We are authorized reseller of the Cloud backups such as Datto and Barracuda.  Please call us  at 818-501-2281for  you Free consultation.