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We have been running our online (email) newsletter for over six years and have received many accolades and praises about the helpful and appropriate the articles. We are able to track and view the stats for the number of opened and clicked articles and all of the are above the industry standards. Many of the recipients tell us that they look forward to receiving our newsletter and that they pass it on to the colleagues or friends. One of our Clients who owns a marketing and PR firm commented that our newsletter is one the best he has ever seen.

We are very thankful and grateful for these responses and comments and would like to share our success with you. We are offering the following starter package for $295.00 to our clients:

A) Selecting and setting up the Newsletter template

B) One or two sessions of training (remote or onsite)

C) 3 months of Constant Contact Membership

D) Reviewing the analytics

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. It is easy, affordable, direct, actionable, and highly effective. When you add email to your marketing mix, you spend less time, money, and resources than with traditional marketing vehicles (e.g. direct mail or print advertising). And, with email marketing, you can communicate more quickly, which means your time-sensitive information is disseminated in minutes, not days or weeks–and you can see the results of your efforts instantly.

Just to emphasize some of the advantages of newsletter:

• Communicate more information more often

• It can turn prospects and visitors into loyal customers

• Educate Your Customers

• Foster Long-lasting Relationships

We want to bring your marketing to the current age of information technology. This is an easy and inexpensive way of establishing early and long lasting relationships with your prospects and customers. For further information please give us a call 818-501-2281 and let us know how we can teach you how to do it yourself or do the newsletter for you.

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