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When it comes to IT matters, most business owners are worried about:A) Having a system that worksB) Assistance to make the right decisions.

To answer the two issues we came up with a unique solution called Sys-Care. Sys-Care is a proactive system care (onsite and remote) provided on a pre-scheduled basis-weekly, biweekly or monthly at a discounted rate. It is the closest thing to having your own in-house I.T. team, but at a fraction of the cost.

Regular SYS-CARE visits include:

. Network performance evaluation and fine tuning

. Diagnosing and preventing potential failures before they occur

. Applying the latest recommended updates and patches

. Virus detection and checkup

. Backup and data integrity checkup

. Internet access and security checkup

. Assisting staffs with their questions and problems

. Providing application and system training and support

. Hardware and software installation

. Consulting (informing you about the appropriate technologies)

Why get SYS-CARE?

Business executives are concerned about safety and protection of their data, up time of their systems, productivity of their staffs and affordable I.T. expense. Here are the benefits of SYS-CARE:

. Month by Month contract

. Lets you concentrate on your business

. Saves money and aggravation

. Reduces or eliminates system downtime and maximizes productivity

. Prolongs the life of your system

. Increases your system’s performance level

. Scalable to fit your needs

. Includes phone & remote support

. Monthly payment

. No travelling charges

Why CEO?

For over 23 years, our clients have trusted us to provide them with affordable solutions that are designed to boost their revenues, lower costs of ownership (TCO) and increase productivity. Our mission is to bring you peace of mind, support your system and assist your staffs, so you can concentrate on your business.

You can cancel the agreements at anytime. We will provide you with references. Our clients rate SYS-CARE invaluable year after year.

Having a stable operation produces a competitive edge.

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