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Now days most businesses are fully vested in their data and IT Systems infrastructure. The business of data has changed. The volume, velocity, and variety of information continue to grow as companies are embracing more data and move information through the internet and over mobile devices. Data has become the heartbeat of the organization and protecting this data and it’s infrastructure is paramount for any organization to thrive.  The questions is why then do companies still neglect taking the proper steps to protect their data.  use outdated, traditional methods of data protection that are proven ineffective?  And practically playing Russian roulette with their data.

Securing data and your IT systems mean you can leverage the benefits of technology and remain protected and compliant at all times. Data security requires that data be protected upon creation, before it moves into and then across the internet. The increased use of mobile for transactions and communications challenges organizations to protect data as it moves over mobile devices.

CEO changes the data protection paradigm by delivering data-centric security to protect data anywhere it is used and moved across an enterprise.  We constantly monitor your IT Systems by utilizing latest monitoring software and trained staff to ensure that all the vulnerabilities are removed.

CEO partners with the leading edge data protection and security companies to ensure all of your data remains protected and private anywhere it moves, anywhere it resides, and however it is used. For additional information and Free analysis call us at 818-501-2281.