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Recently we have been working with several new clients who have come to us because of their unhappiness with their current IT providers. Some have found themselves at the mercy of their former IT guy, even one client who currently has no way to get in touch with their IT guy! Some of these guys have refused to cooperate and have not made the transition too easy.  Also some have asked for unreasonable transition fees.

If you are unhappy with your IT guy, before you talk to any other IT company answer these questions first?  The answers will give you more power, put you in the driving seat and save you money in case of a problem.  Also it is any business owner due diligence to make sure they have the answers to these questions:

Do you know the administrative passwords to your servers, routers, etc.?

Do you know what kind of the servers you have?  Their operating systems, Licenses, product keys, serial numbers, purchasing invoices?

Do you have a network Blue print?  What is connected to what? And their locations?

Do you know your IP & Internet DNS settings?

Do you know if you have a reliable backup?  How often do you backup? What kind of the backup? Online, tape, etc.?

Do you know the list of the software you are using?   Are they legitimate or pirated?

Do you have an inventory of all of your products and equipment?

Do you have list of the vendors and services that you are using?  For example, Internet, phone, payroll, accounting, legal, etc.?

Do you have to comply with any government compliance? If yes when was the last inhouse audit?

Do you have any propriety or custom software?  If yes, do you have the source code?

Do you have your website password, hosting, domain, etc. information?

Do you know the employees, user name, password, access rights, etc.?

Do you know how employees connect to the office?  Is there a policy or procedure?  Are they being followed?

Do you have NDA with your vendors and other critical employees?

There may be more questions but use the above questions as a starting point.  We give all of our clients an updated copy of the answers to the  above questions in a simple easy to follow format.  Call us at 818-501-2281 and set up an appointment for a free consultation.