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A server upgrade has always been considered as a major purchase. The question is how often should you do it. If for example you are using Microsoft Windows server, every three years we see a major Windows or Application program such as SQL, Exchange etc. introduced in the market by Microsoft. Mainly these upgrades rely on faster CPU speed and more Ram memory to operate optimally. Also, based on this fact (but not entirely) the Hardware manufacturers give you 3 years of warranty and support on their servers and parts replacement availability for a year or two after the three years. Since most of these products are proprietary, you are at the mercy of the manufacturer to either get the extended warranty or rely on third party parts distributors to get the refurbished parts. I recommend planning for server replacement after 3 years specially after 4 years. You would want to:

a) avoid any major crashes on the machine’s time

b) take advantage of the new software and hardware technologies.

c) Peace of mind of three years of warranty and support from the hardware and software manufacturers.

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