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Recently, we finished installation and Implementation of Email Encryption for one of our major clients; a Health Care company with several branches in the Southern California area. Now days most companies are mandated by the Government agencies such as HIPAA and other regulatory requirements to secure the client’s data in storage and any kind of Electronic Transmission.

The rise in Spam and Phishing has put every business owner on  notice.  Most email messages you send travel over many networks. Along the way they go over insecure servers that can easily be hacked by the unauthorized parties and hackers.  Now more than ever the need for encrypting and securing your emails has become a must.  Voltage SecureMail™ is available on-premise or as a cloud service – Voltage SecureMail employs proven encryption technologies and innovations that enable global scale deployments that are simple to manage and administer. Senders and receivers benefit from a simple user interface that makes secure messaging as easy and familiar as standard email communication. Voltage SecureMail helps organizations achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and enforce best practices for email protection, without disrupting existing email services or business processes. Voltage SecureMail effectively mitigates the risk of email security breaches by providing end-to-end security for your email and mobile messaging. Voltage SecureMail integrates with your existing infrastructure and can be rapidly deployed internally and externally, even in the largest of organizations.

There are many other programs and even features in Microsoft Outlook that allows you to encrypt your email.  For further information and a Free analysis of your email systems please contact us @818-501-2281.