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It is 2018 and many small businesses are still using the technologies that are 10 + years old.  As a result unknowingly they pay a hefty price for not taking the full advantage of leveraging technology to move their business forward, save money, help the environment, empower their employees and most of all elevate the stress on themselves.  Answer these questions to see if your business is one of them:


Are you using old operating systems (such as Windows 2003 or 2008, XP, Vista) and have you run out of space?

Are you backing up online and or different medias?

Do you have a backup and recovery plan?

Are you overpaying for technology support this past year?

Are you aware of latest business productivity suites and tools and are you using them?

Are you having difficulties to communicate with employees and vendors remotely and vice versa?

All your PC’s  have Windows 10 and use SSD drives?

Is your Pc slow and crashing on you?

Do you experience unexpected server downtime, email interruptions and other bottle necks?

Is your network monitored or managed?

Did you experience a ransomware attack or cyber threat?

Are using fast and high speed internet?

Are you using the cloud?

Are you using VoIP and the latest Telephony technologies?

Were your networks knocked offline due to power outages?

Were you affected by any natural disasters recently?

Do you know if you are using counterfeit software?

Is your cabling over ten years old?

Is your server and network equipment in a secure location and inaccessible by unauthorized personnel?


Protecting your business from unwanted downtime is our number one priority. Eliminating interruptions can save you time and money. For over 30 years CEO Computers has assisted 100’s of local businesses with their IT needs. We offer you a complimentary security risk assessment today. A security risk assessment is a great way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your IT infrastructure. Please contact me at 818-501-2881.