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You continuously hear new Technology Buzz words such as Clouds, Virtualization, Managed services, Mobile Devices, etc.  Many businesses find incorporating the latest technology into their business operation a major challenge. Now days the technology is on a such a fast pace that many businesses simply cannot keep up. Most small businesses rely on a single IT guy or an employee to address their IT needs, but chances are he or she does not have the time or expertise to be able deal with the wide ranging issues that constantly come up.  As a result many businesses fail to take advantage of new technology features that will bring them productivity and make their business more competitive.  

The nature of IT industry  has changed.  Most businesses now have servers and networks, high speed internet, high end workstations and peripherals, mobile devices, routers, firewall, latest application programs, etc.  And their IT infrastructure is fairly stable.  If the business stakeholders want to keep their operation running smoothly, they have consider the following  four important factors:

  1. Maintaining the current setup and infrastructure
  2. Keeping the infrastructure secure from viruses and hackers
  3. Evaluating and applying the latest technology
  4. Keeping the overall IT costs down

 To achieve all of the above goals, small businesses should rely on an IT organization that has the expertise to address all the businesses specific needs and tailor a solution to fit their budget.  The IT company’s skills should include, database management, virtualization, cloud technology, security and cross platform integration.  

The IT company should have tools, skills and monitoring software to alert them in case of any trouble at any time and should have the manpower to remedy the issues quickly and proactively.  The IT company should have a good reputation and be financially secure. They should offer Free analysis to expose trouble areas and should offer regular consultation to their clients. 

 CEO is offering a Free Analysis of your network and is ready to discuss your IT needs and answer any questions.  Please call us @ 818-501-2281 to schedule an appointment.