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We are discussing Ten IT pain points experienced by Small Business. This is part one.  

“I have no idea what is installed on my Server”


1- The Pain Not knowing what is out on your network exposes the organization to a serious risk. For example unlicensed software installed by users or IT guy is illegal and could lead to lawsuits or heavy fines. Unlicensed software is also unsupported, which could lead to security, performance and compatibility issues.


The Solution CEO can automatically audit the entire IT infrastructure and give you a detailed report of all your IT assets, serial numbers, licenses & their expiration, etc.

You know exactly what is installed on all your devices, what is being used, what is not being used, what is secured and what is vulnerable. We can delete unwanted software, uninstall unnecessary hardware components and keep legitimate software updated. We secure your network, maximize server resources and reduce risk.