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Network Security Solutions

network_securityData is the life line of any business. How to protect your data and network is the challenge that all business owners face today. CEO has the insight backed by years of technical skills to protect your data. Our certified security consultants provide a full range of security solutions to help your organization protect its most critical assets. We focus on providing our customers with customized security solutions that meet the exact needs of their organization.

Our Services:

Network Security Audits & Vulnerability Assessments

Security Audits offer your organization the opportunity to examine your systems for compliance to a variety of security standards. These standards can include internal policies, industry requirements passed down from regulatory bodies, legislative requirements, business partner standards, or simply accepted best practices. Our security auditing services help identify areas where your systems are out of compliance, and provide you with the proper recommendations to get them back in conformance. Vulnerability Assessments can help you understand where your organization may be vulnerable to a security breach. Using vulnerability management software tools and a series of interviews, our security review can help you identify critical areas of vulnerability.

Firewall Selection and Implementation

A reliable firewall is a critical aspect of any security initiative. In-House Engineers maintains partnerships with the industry’s premier firewall manufacturers, including Symantec, Sonicwall, and Cisco. CEO will assist you in selecting and implementing the firewall that makes the most sense to your organization.

Virus Protection

Computer-borne viruses have the potential to cause a great deal of downtime and loss of productivity. And with today’s new blended threats, virus protection is more important than ever. CEO can help you choose and implement virus protection software that gives you the best chance at catching them before they enter your network environment.

Secure Authentication & Encryption

Hackers have very advanced methods for cracking passwords and stealing information. Secure authentication and encryption services make your systems more secure by adding a virtual shield to keep your

Security Policy Development

A formal and documented security policy is the cornerstone of every security strategy. A complete security policy typically includes a program policy, issue policy, and system policy. And because each organization has unique needs, our consultants can help you develop a policy that appropriately matches your risk and your corporate culture.

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