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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

RecoveryNobody can predict a disaster but we can be prepared for it and take all the appropriate precautions to minimize its effects. That is why having a disaster recovery plan is a crucial part of safe guarding your operation.
Your data is the most important asset of your business. Loss of data can be catastrophic to your business and having a process in place that recovers and restore your data immediately is priceless. It will ensure that your operation is up and available for your employees, clients and vendors. This in return minimizes costs and expenses for your business.
CEO Computers is an authorized reseller for Symantec, Barracuda, Acronis, Datto Backup and other Software/Hardware backup companies. We offer onsite and online backup services to ensure that the daily full, incremental or an image backup of your data is performed. The integrity of the backup is checked and verified on a regular basis.We offer online backup as an added protection in case of system crashes, theft, fire, natural disasters, accidental deletion, virus attack and sabotage.

We also ensure that your servers are using a fault tolerant system such as Raid 5 and other technologies to ensure redundancies and uptime.

We participate and contribute to your compliance requirements for Backup and Disaster Recovery. Please contact us for a free estimate and pricing.

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