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Firewall Selection and Implementation

network_securityfirewall is a critical aspect of any network security. CEO
partners with the industry’s premier firewall manufacturers,
including SonicWall and Cisco. CEO will assist you in selecting and
implementing the firewall which best suits your organization.For mobile users, firewalls allow remote access into the private
network by the use of secure logon procedures and authentication
certificates (VPN).

Is Your Network Safe?

According to a recent research survey,
cyber attacks have increased by almost 80 percent over the last two years! 
Information Technology (IT) Security should be an ongoing and fundamental consideration in every aspect of your network infrastructure. A proper and suitable firewall and implementation is a crucial aspect of your networks protection. CEO will sit down with you to analyze your situation and create an roadmap for a security solution. Our network security consult will present our recommendations based upon your company’s needs. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver to you the most value-based and cost-effective Network Security Consulting solutions possible.