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Secure Authentication & Encryption

network_securityData is the life line of any business. How to prevent attacks on your data, networks and security is the challenge that any business owner faces today. CEO has the insight backed by years of technical skills to protect your data.

Our certified security consultants provide a full range of security solutions to help your organization to protect its most critical assets. We focus on providing our customers with customized security solutions that meet the exact needs of your organization.

Good physical security can go a long way; however, when you operate your system in a networked/multi-user environment, the system becomes many times more susceptible to outside attacks than a standalone system. We evaluate systems on the same network physically and electronically for any vulnerability to and check to see if they are secure.

We check with all your vendors for security patches and apply them on a regular basis.
Also, we regularly check for repeated unauthorized attempts to connect to your system over any network. We can set-up practices to keep sufficient logs of all network activities related to your systems.

We check for unauthorized programs running on your system that could potentially allow a user to connect over the network.

User security

We will develop a standard method for creating and maintaining user accounts across your network. We make sure that users are only able to access the parts of the system relevant to their user rights. Develop clear and concise acceptable use policies and oversee the enforcement of these polices.

Email Encryption

The exponential increase in rate of spam and various schemes such as “phishing” and others to access your valuable and private information and the rise in identity theft has made it necessary more than ever to encrypt your email. Most email messages you send travel vast distances over many networks, secure and insecure, monitored and unmonitored, passing through and making copies of themselves on servers all over the Internet. In short, pretty much anyone with access to any of those servers – or sniffing packets anywhere along the way – can read your email messages sent in plain text.

CEO is an authorized partner of Symantec PGP and Voltage Email protection solutions. Call us for Free analysis of your encryption and other Security needs.

Storage Security

Using the latest Encryption software and parameters we make sure that storage resource available to authorized users and trusted networks – and unavailable to other entities. These parameters can apply to hardware, programming, communications protocols, and organizational policy. All these efforts are made to safe guard your precious data and intellectual property and ensure compliance to Hippa and other government requirements.