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After being in the service industry for 35 years, the most important lesson we have learned is being proactive and responsive at all times. Because the “new normal”means that the client is acustomed to having it right away. Today many businesses leverage technology to provide a better service to their clients. To provide 24x7x365 service. Can you imagine any business without Internet or E-mail? Can you imagine not having Microsoft Office Suite or a compatible product to do Word Processing and Spreadsheet work? What about not being able to open a pdf file? Could you do business without having a computerized accounting program? There are many examples such as  the ones mentioned that make our lives and  business simple, more efficient and productive.

As an IT service provider, we have to assure technology continuity for our clients. The dynamic nature of  Information Technology demands a proactive approach, which means utilizing  tools and skills that will monitor servers and infrastructures continuously and provide remedial solutions when an alert or a problem is encountered.

Responsiveness is extended to immediate support when a client is faced with an issue. How fast can you solve a problem so the business can continue? Obviously for small businesses reducing the cost of IT support is very important. At CEO we make sure that our clients’ servers are monitored on an ongoing basis. Any requests from our clients are handled promptly and efficiently and our services are reasonable and affordable. We stay current with all the relevant technologies so our clients can benefit by  applying them to their businesses.

We are committed to your success. Let us assist you keeping your stellar service to your clients. Contact us at 818-501-2281.