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Recently we gave a major Server and Microsoft Exchange upgrade proposal to one of our clients. As customary with these high ticket items proposals, the client got a few other bids just to make sure they were getting the best value for the investments.

Well we won the bid but the client went one step further before the final signing of the contract and asked a friend of theirs who is an IT manager with a major Defense Contractor in Southern California to interview us and go over the proposal. We gladly complied and answered all his questions regarding why we proposed what we proposed and the reasoning behind the solutions. He checked our pricing and told our client that our prices were very fair and the solutions suited them the best.

This experience made us very proud that firstly we won the bid and secondly, the client did their due diligence when it came to such a large investment that would affect the present and the future of their organization.

The most important thing in this transaction is the trust of the client. Several years ago I came across a formula that defined trust as equal to

rapport +credibility-minimizing risks.

 We have a rapport with our clients because they have been with us for over 20 years. The credibility comes from our knowledge, experience and integrity. The minimizing risk is their due diligence by asking for other bids and consulting with knowledgeable friends who can look at the bid(s).

As a vendor we have to do our due diligence when we recommend a solution that is carefully weighed to make sure it pays off for itself in a short period of time and achieves the clients business goals.

We know upgrading and selecting an IT solution is a confusing, time consuming and daunting.

CEO will be glad to answer all your questions and submit a bid for your upcoming projects no matter how big or small.