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When an issue arises with the technology in your office, it can bring the entire company to a grinding halt. You could lose revenue, lose customer trust, and even lose important data. Preventing downtime is the number one priority of any IT Support company, and it is definitely our number priority at IT21ST.

We help prevent downtime for your business with theseĀ IT Support services:

Monitoring & Reporting

Errors almost always precede failures. Our systems are constantly monitoring the devices on your network and will notify us when things start to go wrong. Through regular monitoring and reporting, we can see patterns and detect hardware failures before they happen. This allows us to schedule repairs prior to the failure to prevent any downtime from affecting the end user.

Regular Maintenance

Virus scans, software updates, backups and other routine maintenance are essential parts of preventing downtime. Just like you wouldn’t drive a car all year without changing the oil and adding gasoline, your computer needs routine maintenance as well. Through our software, we are able to run regular maintenance on your devices after hours to help keep them running properly when you need them most.

Using Best Practices

Keeping up to date with the best tools and solutions for businesses is our business. We follow the latest tech trends and advice to make sure we are using the best practices when it comes to helping keep your devices running smoothly. This can include things like keeping the server room cool, moving business-critical information to the cloud, or setting up virtual devices that are easily restored in new locations. Using these best practices helps us keep your business up and running.