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For CEO Computers, success means helping our clients to concentrate on their business and take it to the next level
without worrying about their IT.  To be a technology partner who empowers their employees and is an extension of their business. What set us apart, is our tried and true processes that have been honed for over 30 years.  Unlike our other competitors we are not after many clients and provide them with a poor quality service.  We treat your business like ours and make the technology and integral part of your growth not a source of frustration. Our processes and our caring employees are our valued assets and here is an outline of our processes:
Initial assessment:  Firstly we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your sensitive data.  Then our qualified and experienced engineers, take a holistic approach and thoroughly examine all the components of you technology infrastructure, your line of applications, money spent on each subscription and inventory all the assets.  They find out what are your pain points. Where you are and where you want to be in a year two from now. Are you growing or downsizing. How to optimize and standardize your network using the best industry practices and appropriate hardware and software.  How to safeguard your data. We use our network analysis software to scan the entire network and provide you with a vulnerability report.  More importantly what is your culture and your values and if we are the right fit.
Analysis:  The information obtained from our initial assessment is examined by the management team and if we require more information we go back and collect them. Based on this information we provide a fully detailed sets of recommendations to bring your network up to the industry standard and/or a complete proposal, itemizing each component, warranty information, leasing or purchasing options and clearly defining scope of work.  We always make sure that all our solutions are comprehensive with various options and affordable.
Implementation:  Once a client agrees with our recommendation and we have the go ahead, an installation date is selected and our entire team gets involved, ordering the proposed components and testing and trying them before the delivery and installation.  We put a lot of emphasis on minimizing the downtime for our clients.  All the vendors are contacted to make sure that there will not be a compatibility issue with the proposed solution.  All the appropriate software, updates, product keys are gathered.  We do as much we can in our office, remotely and after hours making sure our clients and their staff are fully operational. The line of communications between our team and the client is kept open and the progress is reported on daily basis.  Our goal is to do job right the first time and as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Installation and on-boarding:  Prior to the installation we create a long detailed list of all the steps necessary to complete the job flawlessly and assign each segment to a different member of our team and check them off once they are completed. The inventory list that is created during the initial assessment gets updated as part of our network administration document and a copy is sent to you. Our installation makes sure that group policy and security rights are assigned properly, shared folders are accessible, printers and scanners are operational for each individual users, antivirus and remote agents are working, patch management software is functional.  The backup is set and all the profile customization is restored.   Most importantly your backup is properly set and tested. Finally all the passwords are changed and if there was a previous IT company involved their access is stopped and eliminated completely.
Training: We make sure that all of your staff and stakeholders are fully informed and trained about the new system and the solution recently installed.  We provide detailed instructions and perform onsite training if necessary to make sure every employee is comfortable and confident about using the new solution. 
Documentation:  All the relevant information is documented and a network schematic including and admin sheet containing user names, passwords, email accounts, product keys and contact information is created and a copy is given to the owners. 
On-going support:  Our ongoing support starts from the day after installation.  We monitor all the components of your network on a daily basis via our dashboard.  Resolve any issues reported or encountered by our remote management monitoring.  Provided 24/7 helpdesk in case of any troubles. Provide you with monthly reports and if selected have a quarterly Technology conference with our Chief Technology Officer.   
There are many details involved in the above processes to ensure 100% client satisfaction. But the main ingredient is the level of care we put in to keep your business ahead of your competition