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Service Agreements

Let us worry about your system’s functionality and its smooth operation. Why take a chance or overwhelm your busy staff with the added responsibility of taking care of your computer systems?

No machine is perfect and if any part of your computer breaks down, the “downtime” means lost productivity and profit. CEO offers affordable short term and long term on-site service and 24/7 Remote
Monitoring Network Management agreements for your entire system or individual components.

Full Service Agreement:

  • No extra charge for parts, labor and traveling time.
  • Priority and prompt response, only a phone call away.
  • Unlimited service calls and telephone support.
  • Three preventative maintenance checkups per year.
  • On-site service performed by trained technicians.
  • Loaners provided at no cost.
  • Guaranteed replacement of un-repairable parts with new parts.
  • Monthly or quarterly payment.
  • Loaners are available, if your computer can not be fixed the same day.

Block Time service:

Our most popular service agreement. It is the best way to break the ice and experience our high quality service. Purchase 10-20 or more block of hours at a discounted rate and receive the contract services status such as priority response time, help desk support and on line support.

10 – 20 hours 10% discount
20 – 40 hours 15% discount
40 – up hours 20% discount

Parts are billed separately.


System Care provides two hours of pre scheduled weekly or bi-weekly visits at a discounted rate. This is the closest thing to having your own in-house IT department at a fraction of the cost.

The regular visits our performed by our experienced system
engineers and include:

  • Network performance evaluation fine tuning
  • Helpdesk-Assisting staff with their questions and problems
  • Applying latest recommended updates and patches
  • Providing application and system training and support
  • Diagnosing and preventing potential failures before they occur
  • Virus detection check up
  • Backup and data integrity check up
  • Internet access and security check up