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Often we go to a client’s business and notice that they have been doing their daily tasks the hard way and inefficiently. ¬†Although it is hard to change routines and processes that have been in place for a long time and have been working, but the client always have to take in to the account the Golden Rule. Can the task be done faster and better? Some also add cheaper but we are concentrating on the first two.

The purpose of technology is to empower businesses to achieve their business goals, stay competitive and make life easier for their employees, vendors and provide a better service to their customers. That is why the consulting service we offer is priceless. We evaluate the processes and recommend affordable solutions that can be easily applied. We act as a liaison between our clients and their vendors and translate the solutions in a simple language or steps and apply them.

Recently, we came across a client that was dealing with various forms from different Government organizations. These forms were none standards and could not be filled out online. They had to be printed and filled out and scanned or faxed. Our programmers wrote a program that allowed the staffs to convert these forms in to Microsoft Access database and then to be memorized with some fields already populated. Then processed in a fraction of time. With Microsoft Access they were able to create reports as well as generating similar forms easily. The clients had no idea that this was achievable and the technology existed. The result was happy employees, cost saving for the business and satisfied customers.

The above casestudy may not be applicable to you but it is wise to evaluate your business processes and your tools and resources. If you have a business challenge or want your tasks and processes to be evaluated we offer you a Free Consultation. Please call us at 818-501-2281.