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Based on NSBA 2010 Report, Small businesses face many challenges when it comes to their technology. The most widely-reported issue: security. Fifty-two percent rated security issues the number one challenge they face when it comes to the use of technology in their business. The second and third highest-rated challenges have to do with cost. Fifty-one percent reported that cost of needed upgrades was a significant challenge and 49 percent cited cost of maintaining technology as a significant challenge.


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For over 24 years CEO Computers has been addressing these issues for our clients so they can confidently focus on their business and not to worry about their information technology systems. The nature of IT industry has changed dramatically. Most companies now days have the IT infra-structures such as servers, PC’s, switches and routers, etc. in place. The main concern as indicated in the above survey is the security and protecting their business data, client’s information and intellectual properties. Hippa and other government requirements make it mandatory for most businesses to implement solid security measures. The most appropriate approach is devising a plan that monitors all the security parameters regularly; it is comprehensive yet simple and does not cost a fortune. Our initial consultation and evaluation is free. We encourage you to contact us so we can answer all your questions and address all you concerns.