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Business executives are bombard with technological terms and product names such as “Cloud, Office 365, Managed Services, Azure, AWS, VPN, etc.)  For majority of them these are meaningless technical Jargons.  But what are the hottest buzzwords and topics that business executives bring up when they are talking to us IT folks: 


  • Implementing better security and protecting their data
  • Improving productivity and efficiency
  • Collaboration and delighting customers
  • Minimizing costs including IT costs
  • Leveraging technology to gain competitive edge  
  • Making viable solutions affordable


Good IT consultants are considered as trusted advisors who are an integral part of their client’s business growth and longevity.  The IT consultant’s old responsibilities were building infrastructure and supporting it.  But the new functions and responsibilities are, translating the new technologies into a simple language that business owners comprehend and relate to.  And implementing the new technologies so clients’ data is safe and protected and clients can take advantage of fruits of technology such as productivity & efficiency as well as collaboration and customer satisfaction. 


For over 30 years CEO Computers has honed its skills to deliver value to its clients and exceeds their expectations.  We have maintained and trained a responsive and dependable IT team who are knowledgeable and caring and will put customer satisfaction first and foremost.    Call us at 818-501-2281 or visit us at www.ceocomputers  to set up a free consultation to discuss any technology concerns you have.