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Playing an important part in the community is vital to the growth of any business. Whether you are a new business or an established one, having a strategy to enhance your role in the community is a vital move. The following are some of the community involvement activities for CEO computers:

1) Chamber of Commerce Membership– CEO has been a member of Encino Chamber for the last 23 years . One of our officers has been a board member for the same number of years. We support and promote all the chamber activities. The next Encino Chamber event is Miniature Golf Tournament which is held at Castle Park in Sherman Oaks on April 19th. The following event is the Teacher of the year dinner on May 24th. For further information please Contact Encinochamber.org or 818-789-4711.

2) Supporting Local Schools- We have always been involved with our local schools. We recycle and donate computers and electronic equipment to LA Unified schools on a regular basis. One of our Associates Cecile Bendavid teaches at California State University Northridge and Los Angeles Pierce college.

3) Non-profit Organization- Many of our clients are non-profit businesses – two major San Fernando Valley organizations are Haven Hills (havenhills.org) and the San Fernando Valley Bar Association (SFVBA.org). CEO has a special discounted rate for non-profit organizations and the technicians spend extra time to help and assist them to grow.

4) Getting Involved with Local Politics- You have heard the expression that all politics are local. We have a great rapport with our local politicians. Cecile Bendavid is involved with CSUN Teachers Union and also is running for upcoming June 8th election for Member, Democratic Party County Central Committee – County of Los Angeles; Assembly District 45. Please support her with your vote.

5) Supporting Local Charities- We have supported many of the local charities including San Fernando Rescue Mission, Goodwill, American Cancer Society and Red Cross. We encourage you to find the Charities that are close to your heart and help them, especially in these difficult times when donations are at all times low. Our motto is giving hand is a receiving hand.

6) Being Green minded- We encourage everyone to recycle to use less power. Remember to turn off all equipment that are not being used and purchase electrical and electronics pruducts that consume less power. Think about repairing and maintaining products versus buying new ones.

These are a few of our suggestions. Let us know what you do you help your community.