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Lately most of the new clients that have been referred to us are the clients that have had a bad experience with their existing IT company or the IT consultant. Most of these clients have a bad taste in their mouths and reaching to a point that they can feel comfortable and trust another IT consultant will take a long time. Now days, IT consultants are as important as CPA’s and attorneys. They have access to so much of your valuable information whether it is business or personal. And their expertise and advice are extremely pivotal to growth or demise of any company. We find it that often small businesses have no idea what a budget for IT systems and supporting the IT system should be. Also, how to define the scope of the work they are expecting from the IT company? More importantly, the owners need to know how to judge the IT company’s experience in their industry to determine if the company can provide the solutions they need. In addition to budget, other questions to consider when searching for an IT company are: 1. How far should they trust an IT company with their data and other valuable information? 2. Who should be in charge of their backup and what should be backed up? 3. Who is responsible for the software and licensing? 4. Where is the original software and the corresponding serial numbers and install information? 5. What are the administrative passwords and who knows about them? 6. What kind of compliance requirement is needed and who is in charge of that? 7. Is there a NDA (non-disclosure agreement)? What does it cover? 8. What kind of support plan is appropriate for your business? These questions are designed to avoid crisis and in case of a crisis who is accountable for what.